Crawford County Fair Inc.

Please read the following closely…..
-A Health Inspection is required if you plan on serving food or drinks 
    -Once you have the form filled out please mail it with payment to the address on the health inspection application
    -If you have already been inspected for Crawford County then you will just need to provide the paperwork to the inspector once at the fair. 
-If you are a returning vendor and would like the same spot, please let us know and specify where your spot is located previously.
-We prefer that you send a cashier’s check/money order along with your contract. We will accept business checks, but absolutely no personal checks. 
-Contracts and payment must be sent to the Crawford County Fair by April 1st.  Your business will be included in the vendors section of the fair book. 
-Please fill the entire form out and be as specific as possible. 
If you have any questions please feel free to email one of us. We look forward to working with you! 
Rachael Harris –
Tara Moody –

July 13 – 17, 2021

Hood Park—Cuba, MO Vendor Contract

At the 2020 Fair on the main stage will take the stage Saturday night. Additional entertainment is yet to be announced at this time. The arena will feature bull riding, truck & tractor pulls, Logging Rodeo and more. We are anticipating a fantastic event. We are expecting a large turnout for the 2020 Fair, so please send in your contract early to ensure your participation at this year’s fair. Venders returning their contracts by May 1, 2020 (with paid fees) will be assured of getting their same space as last year. Vendors wishing to purchase an ad for the fairbook, see attached information. Must be returned by April 1 to meet printing deadline.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS the Crawford County Fair is a FAMILY EVENT, and vendors should plan their merchandise mix with that in mind. If any merchandise is found to be objectionable to a family audience, vendors will be asked to remove their articles.


The CCFI, through its Concessions Committee, reserves the right to exclude any item or vendor. Termination of operation of any vendor may occur at any time during the fair if items sold or displayed are not of the highest quality as determined by CCFI. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. Also CCFI reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time if the vendor, in the judgment of CCFI, commits any detrimental to the purpose of the fair, fails to cooperate with the representatives of CCFI or breaches any of its agreements herein. No refunds will be given if concessionaire decides to leave early for any reason.


Vendor warrants that the premises shall be left in as good condition as the vendor found them; this includes picking up and disposal of trash at and around your booth.


All concessions shall be open for business and staffed during the entire time the fair is open to the public. No business shall be conducted any place other than your assigned booth space. The hours are as follows:

Tuesday 6PM-11PM

Wednesday 6PM-10PM

Thursday 5PM-10PM

Friday 5PM-11PM

Saturday 12 Noon-11PM

In the event of rain, vendors are expected to open their booths within one hour of the rain ceasing. You may remain open earlier or later as crowd permits. Check schedule for events.


NOTE: At the discretion of the CCFI, certain types of attractions may require an individual contract and/or a certificate of insurance.

GENERAL BOOTH RULES: Spaces will be a 12’X12” space. Additional fee of $150 will be charged for additional 12’x12’ space. Hitches, tie downs, ramps, and extensions must remain in the allotted space.

FOOD BOOTH: Fee $150.00. This includes any type of food that will not compete with the fair board food stand, carnival or cattlemen association including but not limited to fish sandwich, hot dogs, pizza, French fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, beef brisket, rib eye sandwich, soft drinks, tea or coffee.

NOVELTY FOOD BOOTH: Booth fee $150.00. This would include but not limited to ice cream, novelty drinks, etc. Not to compete with the carnival food booth.

NOVELTY BOOTH: Booth fee $100.00. The following items may NOT be sold during the fair. Any form of fireworks, popping, or exploding devises, knives, or anything unlawful. Other items may be determined by the fair board as offensive or dangerous. You will be asked to return them to your vehicle.

BUSINESS DISPLAY: Business in Crawford County fee $50.00 out of Crawford County $50.00. This is for information only. A business may take orders and deliver after the fair.

LARGE BUSINESS ITEMS: Must accommodate the depth required. Additional space may be purchased as mentioned above in general rules.

NON-PROFIT ADULT ORGANIZATION/DISPLAY ONLY: Booth fee $50.00 Display for public information only, and is not available for commercial vendors. Informational literature, advertising pens, calendars, note pads, etc. may be given away. SALES OF ITEMS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Non-profit youth organizations: Booth fee is $25.00. CCFI will determine what is allowed on an individual basis.

DUNKING BOOTH: Booth fee $50.00. A $500,000 liability insurance policy endorsing the CCFI as the insured must be purchased by vendor. A copy must accompany the form.

ANIMAL, VEHICLE, & MECHANICAL RIDES: Booth fee $200.00. Charges include adequate booth space. Each ride requires individual agreement. Each ride vendor agrees to liability insurance to cover ride and endorse the CCFI. Must accompany the form.

GATE PASSES: Everyone working the booth over the age of 4 will need a pass.

No daily passes are available in advance. You may exchange your season pass for an arm band when you set up. Everyone will be required to wear armbands.

RAFFLES & DRAWINGS: Any vendor may encourage higher traffic levels at their booth by offering raffles or drawings. Winners maybe posted daily.

SETUP & DEPARTURES: Upon arriving, vendors are expected to check in with the commercial chairman at the caboose. You will receive location of booth space, power hookups, and general information about the fair. All concession operators shall be set up on Wednesday unless other arrangements have been made with the chairman. No booth will be allowed to set up after the fair starts each day. All booths should be restocked one hour before the booth opening time. (See page one Times). No early break downs on Saturday night. All booths should be broke down by Sunday noon. All property used by vendors and trash around the booth must be removed.

SECURITY: Although general security will be provided throughout the fair, we suggest you take additional precautions and lock up all unnecessary extension cords, and loose items. The CCFI and the City of Cuba will not be held responsible for any damages, loss, or expenses arising out of the activities of CCFI.

INDEMNIFICATION: The vendor agrees to indemnify CCFI, any of its sponsors, and the City of Cuba against loss resulting from any activity of the vendor during the Crawford County Fair.



Rachael Harris


Cuba Chamber Office 877-212-8429 or 573-885-2531