Parade Information


Tuesday, July 16, 2024 at 6:00PM

Registration:  Rodger Bridgeman Jr. 573-259-0759
Line up:  Mizell Funeral Home by Cuba Community Fire Department  4:30PM
Float Judging begins at 5:00PM
Winners will be announced in line-up before the parade begins
Cost is FREE with the exception of political campaign candidates/floats ($25)

rules and regulations:

1. All entries for judging must be registered by 9:00PM, Monday, July 11th.

2. Parade line-up will begin Tuesday  at 4:30PM at Mizell Funeral Home.  Judging will begin promptly at 5:00PM for all categories.  Entries MUST be lined up at this time.  Parade will begin at 6:00PM.
3. Entries that have not been registered will not be judged.  This includes all categories.
4. Undecorated entries will not be judged (with the exception of the vehicle division).
5. Each entry will be judged in its appropriate class.
6. The committee may make other rules as circumstances require.
7. All motorized vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver (including off road vehicles, ATV’s, etc.)
8. The Crawford County Fair Board assumes no responsibility for any accidents.
9. Persons participating in the parade may NOT distribute gifts, merchandise, literature, hand-outs, candy or other materials from  MOVING vehicles or floats during the parade.  NO materials may be THROWN along the parade route.  Walkers should distribute item as far off the road as possible.
10.Spraying the crowd along the parade route with water guns or water blasters is not permitted.

1 Hood Drive, Cuba, MO 65453

73rd Annual Crawford County Fair
August 2 - 10, 2019
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