General Fair Rules


  1. There will be no season passes given to any person entering the fairgrounds, including fair officials, exhibitors, volunteers, and concessionaries.
  2. No introductions or speeches of political candidates on stage or over public address systems will be allowed
  3. No carry-in alcoholic beverages are permitted.
  4. The following items or prohibited to be used as prizes or offered for sale at the Crawford County Fair:  odorous products (stink bombs, fart spray etc), morally objectionable or obscene items, firearms, knives, weapons, and/or drug related items, and/or other substances that imitate other types of drugs.
  5. Motorized vehicles (ATV/UTV/golf carts) will not be allowed on the fairgrounds during the annual fair except for those who have received prior approval by the Crawford County Fair Board.


  1. All profits go back into the improvement of the fair buildings and facilities and to finance succeeding fairs.
  2. The Fair Board reserves the right to pro-rate all premiums, should the total receipts of the fair fall below the income necessary to meet current expenses of the fair.


  1. The Crawford County Fair Board will not be responsible to any individual, corporation or association for any losses by fire, theft, damage or personal injury sustained by any through the negligence of any person or group of persons, exhibits or exhibitors.  Any behavior deemed improper can result in removal from the fairgrounds by the authorities or fair board officers.
  2. The Crawford County Fair Board assumes no responsibility for sickness or disease which may be passed between livestock or between livestock and humans.  All exhibitors and fair goers assume the inherent risk of contact with livestock.

1 Hood Drive, Cuba, MO 65453

73rd Annual Crawford County Fair
August 2 - 10, 2019
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