Crawford County Fair Sponsorship Levels

PlatinumGoldSilverBronzeFriends of the FairGeneral
20 Season Passes10 Season Passes8 Season Passes6 Season Passes4 Season Passes2 Season Passes
Facebook AdvertisingFacebook AdvertisingFacebook AdvertisingFacebook AdvertisingFacebook AdvertisingFacebook Advertising
Twitter AdvertisingTwitter AdvertisingTwitter AdvertisingTwitter AdvertisingTwitter AdvertisingTwitter Advertising
Fairbook Sponsor PageFairbook Sponsor PageFairbook Sponsor PageFairbook Sponsor PageFairbook Sponsor PageFairbook Sponsor Page
*3 Sponsor Banners: (Main Gate, Arena, & Main Stage)*2 Sponsor Banners: (Main Gate & Arena or Main Stage) *1 Sponsor Banner:(Main Gate)*Sign (18×24): (Main Gate)   *Sign  (18×24):           (Main Gate)
**Fairbook                               (Free B&W Full Page)**Fairbook                      (Free B&W 1/2 Page)**Fairbook                  (Free B&W 1/4 Page)**Fairbook                        (Free B&W 1/8 Page)
Website AdvertisingWebsite AdvertisingWebsite Advertising
Stage & Arena AnnouncementStage & Arena AnnouncementStage & Arena Announcement
Newspaper AdsNewspaper Ads
***2 – Meet & Greet      Friday***2 – Meet & Greet Friday
***2 – Meet & Greet   Saturday
 Radio Advertising
*Sponsors provide own banners and signs    
**Sponsors responsible for submitting fairbook ad by deadline   
***If available from entertainer    

Contact: Lacy Ludwig at

1 Hood Drive, Cuba, MO 65453

73rd Annual Crawford County Fair
August 2 - 10, 2019
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