Home Economics Department

1. One entry per person, per class.
2. Any entry having no competition shall be awarded prizes according to quality & workmanship alone.
3. All articles will be under the control & care of the Home Ee. Committee & every possible care will be taken to prevent damage; but in no event, will the Fair Committee be responsible for any damages or loss.
4. The committee in charge will have a representative of the Home De. Department present at all times that the building is open for the safety of your exhibits.
5. Entries must belong to or have been made by the exhibitor & not shown previously.
6. Exhibitors must have their articles entered on the secretary’s book before they are placed on exhibition & will receive from the Secretary an identification card on such entries.
7. Competition in Home Ee. is open to residents of Crawford & adjoining counties, including Maries County.
8. Entries in Home Ee. will be accepted Tuesday, from 10 am-2 pm & Wednesday from 8-10 am; and must be picked up between 6-8 pm on Saturday. Please bring entry stubs when picking up exhibits.
9. No premiums shall be paid on anything not listed in the catalog, but the entries are welcome for display.
10. Home E.c. Room will be closed on Wednesday from 10:00 am until judging and display are completed. Also, the Home Ee. Department will be closed on Saturday from 1-4:00 pm for the livestock sale and 6:00 pm on Saturday for exhibitors to pick-up entries.
11. Not responsible for items not picked up Saturday Night.
12. Door closed at 9 pm each night.
13. Best of show ribbons will be awarded for each of the following categories: Handwork/Clothing, Quilts, Crafts, Photography, Arts, Antiques, Foods and a Youth Award.

1 Hood Drive, Cuba, MO 65453

73rd Annual Crawford County Fair
August 2 - 10, 2019
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