Crawford County Fair

Cuba, MO

Michael Connors in Concert Friday, July 14 at the Crawford County Fair!

Michael Connors

Singer, Songwriter, Lead Guitar Player

 in Concert Friday, July 14, 2017

Hood Park-Cuba, MO


Michael Connors is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter and guitar player, who was born and raised in Salem, Missouri.  Michael is armed with a mixed-blend of influences that include metal, hard rock, blues, and a distinctive style of country. 

Michael started playing his dads guitar at age 9, and by age 11, he received his first electric guitar for Christmas and began honing his country-roots that conjoin with a rock-based veneer.  Captivated by Bands and Artists like Metallica, Zakk Wylde and Eddie Van Halen, who together, influenced his inherent penchant to shred the guitar. After hearing his dad sing a Hank Jr. Song that single handedly enticed him to “Come On Over To The Country”. 

This is what Crawford County will see. A great blend of authentic country, rock and blues infused musical mayhem. From high energy songs like: Here Comes Trouble, High On The Hog and Giddy Up To Me to honest country: True To The Dollar, My Futures In The Pasture, What Is Left Of Me. Don’t miss this chance to see this guy in action!

 Michael’s work includes collaborating with a variety of talented producers: Trent Willmon, Mike Harnett, WLPR and Skidd Mills.  To their credit multiple music-projects from Montgomery Gentry, Cody Johnson, Yelawolf, Third Day, Saving Able, Skillet, Colt Ford, and Rehab.  With producers so diverse in styles, it’s a perfect combination for the artist who refuses to be labeled or held to one genre of music.  This combination has delivered a diverse and unique-blend of music that seems to have no conclusive-boundaries. He has lent his distinctive-voice and guitar-skills to the original-song, “Open the Cage,” which helped launch the … New Lifestyle-brand, “Open the Cage Gear.”

Performance credits and on the road experiences include:


Vince Gill

Trent Willmon

Johnny Hiland, with Steve Vai of Favored Nations

Kenny Olson, formerly Kid Rock and the Twisted Brown Trucker Band

Bubba Mathes AKA Sparxxx

Jennifer Nettles/Lead singer of the Sugar Land

Jamey Johnson

Joe Nichols

Darryl Worley etc

 Songwriter/performance credits:

 Recent cut with recording artist, Cody Johnson, on his new album, “Gotta Be Me.” His song … “Wild as You”… was co-written with, Trent Willmon and Jeremy Spillman.

 Songs performed at a cross-section of venues:

 TLC, Sportsman Channel, Official Walkout song Gladiator for Light weight Champion of the World Series of Fighting on NBC, Justin Gaethje; to include the theme song for Gladiators Unleashed.

Original theme songs written and performed:

 Kryptek Outdoor Group

Nemo Arms

Mission 22

Full Draw Madness

Convergent Hunting Solutions

Open the Cage Gear

Official Songs for the New York Best Seller book Red Platoon; written with Medal of Honor Recipient, Clint Romesha. 

Manager of UFC’s Champion, Rich Franklin, and co-founder of clothing brand American Fighter, also instrumental in the launch of Open The Cage Gear JT Stewart recently-imparted:

“Michael sings the gospel of life from the first church of the real, while singing songs of real life struggles, real life emotions and real life hope.  Equally, he sings and writes with a heart-felt honesty and a faith-based truth that will set you free.”

 He is also the voice of the hero who has lost their voice, and his authentic portrayals lift-up those who have fallen.  He sings with distinct-purpose, genuine-pride and a true-grit that remains unrivaled.  His heart-based renditions inspire cut to the heart-realisms that brings to life lyrical-performances that ensure his voice will be an authentic … American-voice … for many years to come!

This is the unique-story of a small-town boy who took the long-walk of faith and diligently-followed his dreams. He believes The Lord has a purpose for each individual and feels its both blessing and responsibility to follow the fire He places in the soul. Likewise, he never allowed adversity to detour his pathway or shake him from the ultimate-goal; stay true, remain positive, and persistently-strive to move ever-forward.

You may not know him, yet, but once you hear and see him … you will never forget him!   

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